The Shift of Qu'Alanaa

The Temple of Pelor

The separation of Eilora, Therai and Rickul had proven only a mere setback for these adventurers as the three were captured and imprisoned.
Accepting it was useless to search too long for the other three, Gondost and Belhand decided to continue on to the Temple of Pelor. Once these two had reached the Temple they reduced the Troglodyte group by six impalers and continued into the Temple
Once inside the temple, Gondost and Belhand became familiar with booby traps that had been setup throughout the temple. After a few minor delays and a couple Troglodyte’s later, Belhand tore apart one of the doors to the nave of the church. Making quick work of a Troglodyte Thrasher in this room and getting injured from more traps, they soon discovered an entrance to an underground cavern.
Meanwhile Eilora and Therai had escaped their prison and engaged in combat with Troglodytes and Gricks, only to have lost Rickul in the whole ordeal.
After a couple battles each and more running around the two parties who were temporarily separated had finally joined once again. Upon quickly sharing stories and route’s they continued together through the Troglodyte caverns. Not long after adjoining they were all exhausted from the day and decided to have a rest in a cave. Their rest was unfortunately interrupted from Snaketongue cultists and a second time by Yuan-ti Soldiers. This led to some confusion because Troglodyte’s don’t normally chum around with the Yuan-ti and they party believes something more sinister is at play.
After finally getting a good couple hours of deserved rest they party finally explored the rest of the cave and found and fixed the creek problem. After an entire day of exiting the underground tunnels and leaving Maburh they party returned to Crawdesh and was rewarded with some gold and goods.
The party was then set off to Barad Adriendel to find Analia Blackfoot. During their travels they had come across a broken bridge that crossed the Barad River. Therai had teleported Gondost and Eilora across the river but held a grudge against Belhand and left him to find an alternate route around. After a couple hours more of walking, Gondost, Eilora and Therai found themselves amongst the bustling trading town of Barad Adriendel.
All the while Belhand had followed a couple of recently made tracks along the river and managed to find a way across a flooded area. Continuing onto Barad Adriendel, Belhand was only beginning to reach the town at nightfall.
The other 3 had by this point become a little bit familiar with some of the townsfolk of Barad and began their search for Analia…

Spring 2013

The campaign so far has lead all the PC’s through a sort of farm land training program hired from a local farmer. This has lead the PC’s deep into a conflict between bullywugs, human bandits and a small trading community called Steestone. Unfortunately a small war was waged and had overwhelmed the small community regardless of the heroic efforts of the PC’s and their decisions to assist in the conflict.
The party then found itself travelling eastbound to help out another old farmer who has actual work for them and may introduce them to some real players in the mercenary business’. From the mountains to capture griffons to investigating the reason of a dried up creek, the players are now in Maburh, an abandoned city ravaged by Troglodyte’s, in an attempt to find the water problem. Upon finding that Maburh had been ransacked and all it’s residents chased out, it is simply a ghost town with a strong Troglodyte community. After several battles, a separation of the party and through brutish tactics, they learn of a small hideout of Troglodytes has been built in the abandoned community. The party decides they will investigate further here into the disappearance of the creek water. Finding themselves at the ruins of the Temple of Pelor, after defeating 6 Troglodyte guardians, they begin their front door entrance to the underground of Maburh…


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