Welcome everyone,
This is my website for my currently created campaign, which I have named The Shift of Qu’Alanaa. I have made the website for my own personal organization and for player reference. I am also very new to the website so there is still a lot I have to learn. Feel free to make yourself comfortable and take a look around or better yet take time to learn about the website so you can help me develop a better understanding.

At the beginning of the game there were 7 PC’s who have taken part in the campaign so far but that number may be adjusted for location and time management purposes. I am always open to bring new players into my game but I am thinking because of character creation being a long process I would like to just allow already played characters for newcomers. This will also allow continuing players to still level up and play their already made characters and develop them a lot more. Hopefully soon I can have everyone’s PC’s up on the website for everyone’s reference too.

I also had to add a world map so that we had an idea of the world we were playing in. I put the map up specifically for my own reference. This map does not coordinate with my original hand drawn map but I believe we could work around that and place where it may have taken place. Another important reason I added to the map was for motivation to continue on the writing path to do my best to write an entertaining and hopefully captivating story.

The Shift of Qu'Alanaa